Telephone counselling training dates and fees

The five taught modules will be held on the dates below. Pre-course one to ones and counselling skills practice sessions will be arranged individually.

A minimum number of four participants are required for each course. Additional dates may be added according to demand – please feel free to enquire.


March - April 2016 
Thursday 6.30pm - 8pm
March 3, 10, 17, 31 April 7 (there will not be a training module on 24 March - Easter weekend)

June - July  2016 
Wednesday 6.30pm - 8pm
15, 22, 29 June and 6, 13 July
October/November 2016
Thursday 6.30pm – 8pm
6, 13, 20, 27 October and 10 November
(please note, there will be no training module on 3 October)


January/February 2017

Thursday 12noon – 1.30pm

12, 19, 26 January and 2, 16 February

(please note, there will be no training module on 9 February)

September/October 2017 

Thursday 7pm – 8.30pm
7, 14, 21, 28 September and 5 October 
Additional dates will be added throughout the year. Please enquire.


NEW Format Telephone Counselling Training

“Course was well structured and the information provided in advance meant that I had some idea that what I needed would be covered. In fact all the advance information was very helpful given we weren’t meeting face to face and I can see how that would support clients too. Great course, one of the best I’ve experienced for CPD. Real experiential learning that leaves you feeling like you are able to go and do the work.” Caroline Evans, MBACP - May 2018

Training Dates

4 August and 11 August 2018
29 September and 6 October 2018

The training will take place on two consecutive Saturday mornings and there will be one practice session during the week in between training days.

Date and Time


Accessed by

Saturday,  4 Aug/29 Sept
9.30am – 12.30pm

Module 1 and Module 2

Teleconference line group training

Saturday, 4 Aug/29 Sept – 
Friday 10 Aug/5 Oct

Flexible session times arranged between participants during the week


2 x 1 hour practice sessions with two different practice partners


Own telephone

Saturday, 11 Aug/6 Oct
9.30am – 12.30pm

12.45 – 1.45pm OPTIONAL

Module 3 and Module 4

Module 5

Teleconference line group training

Please note:

  • Minimum time commitment is 8 hours CPD
  • Optional 1 hour focusing on private practice on 11 Aug/6 Oct – 9 hours CPD
  • The course will only take place if a minimum of four counsellors enrol (maximum number is six)

How to enrol:




Please note that fee excludes the cost of your telephone calls to access the three or four training modules (i.e. 5.15hrs or 6.15hrs in total) which are delivered via a teleconference telephone line. This means that you will be dialling into a secure 0844 number which will be itemised on your telephone bill. Calls to this number from within the UK will be charged 5.8p per minute + VAT + line charges, depending on your telecoms provider. Calls from a UK mobile will cost 12.5p per minute + VAT. Call rates can vary substantially between providers. If you would like to check your call rate, contact your telephone network operator to confirm the exact rate you will be charged when you dial the teleconference number: 0844 4 73 07 47. If you can get a better rate by ending your call before 60 minutes and dialling back in to the conference, this is absolutely fine. Remember, you don’t have any travel costs or travel time to consider! You can still receive the training if you are phoning from abroad. Please contact me for costs and further details about the international teleconferencing line.

An Attendance Certificate showing CPD of 8 hours or 9 hours will be provided on completion of the course.

"I was a bit unsure about telephone counselling to begin with but now I am passionate and excited about it - I can really see the benefits of working this way! Over the weeks the training modules normalised working on the phone and my anxieties about privacy and confidentiality, how to build a therapeutic relationship over the phone, how to manage silences and the like, have been resolved. I learnt a lot by practicing the core skills and the assessment session. Thank you, I had a fantastic time." Andrea Mountford, MBACP

"This was an incredibly valuable course and I enjoyed it. It covered so many aspects and tackled our fears head on in the training environment. It has helped me to reflect on how I work face to face as well. It was lovely to have contact with other counsellors too." Dawn Blackmore, MBACP (Accred)

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